Inspired. Stylish. Thorough.

Our Design Team follows the highest standards to provide businesses with functional facilities that are also beautiful. For those who wish to stand out amidst a crowd of competitors, we can help build a distinctive image for your business. Trademarks of our Architecture & Design services include:
  • Tailor-made. Our staff of architecture and design professionals will work with you to design an environment perfectly suited for your needs.
  • Elite. Our team has won numerous architectural awards throughout the country and has earned degrees and certifications that set them apart from average designers.
  • Inventive. Whatever your industry and whatever your need, our specialists can provide just the right solution.
  • Extensive. Our custom-designed interiors range from simple to out-of-this-world!
  • Diverse. From standard office spaces, to research environments, to interactive spaces where visitors can learn and grow, our team can bring them all to life.
  • Green. We have several certified and accredited professionals on staff who can design your space to meet LEED specifications.
Teacher's Credit Union

When Teacher’s Credit Union wanted to update two of their branch locations, Holladay was able to develop a complete concept for the project, including 3D models and full color renderings of what the remodeled spaces would look like.

Fronius USA

An example of transforming a raw warehouse facility into new, functional workspace, this 40,000 SF build-out in Portage, IN features floor to ceiling glass partitions in the majority of the office space.

Strand Analytical Laboratories

As an upstart company, Strand Labs chose Holladay Properties as their real estate partner. Holladay designed and built Strand’s laboratory with careful attention to their sensitive processes and schedules.