New Construction

Holladay has been building solutions for our clients and partners for over 60 years. Our multidisciplinary team will handle all aspects of development for your project, and will customize a solution that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations.

We understand that choosing the right partner for your real estate needs is critical. Holladay developments are known for quality and consistency and have ranged from $750,000 to $75 million, with a total valuation of over $2 billion. Our ability to move your project from drafting room to finished facility is second to none, as is our experience and expertise in a wide array of product types, including:


Holladay’s development services involve not only new developments, but repurposing, reusing, and redeveloping existing structures. This process is sometimes called Adaptive Reuse and involves reusing an old site or facility, usually in a way that is unrelated to its original purpose.

Adaptive reuse is a creative development tool that helps with land conservation and the reduction of urban sprawl. It’s one more way we show our commitment to low impact and sustainable approaches to development.

Our redevelopment projects include:

Master Planned Business Parks

Holladay Properties is an expert on planning, design, and development of large-scale, master planned business parks. Our first major planned business park development was AmeriPlex at Indianapolis, a 1,500 acre development located near the Indianapolis International Airport. Master planning for the project began in 1992 and the first construction at the park took place in 1996.
Our experience in planning and developing the seven business parks in our portfolio has given us a competitive edge with this type of product. Services include: