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Getting to know them: Tracy Francis

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A Holladay Blog Series

Written by Marcy Coffman, Executive Assistant/Office Manager (Nashville, TN)

What’s with the Llamas?

Did you know that Tracy Francis, Holladay’s Director of Brokerage Services in Nashville, TN is the owner of 3”¦well, make it 4 llamas?

“This family of llamas and I live on 30 acres outside of Ashland City, TN,” said Tracy. “The first few years that we lived here, we had our neighbor keep some cattle in our pasture to maintain our field. However, a couple of years ago I thought, ”˜with all this land we can certainly do a little more — even though I have very little extra time’.”

Tracy explained, “We talked about horses — but they are hard on a pasture and a little more high-maintenance than we wanted. So we opted to get a few llamas — I refer to them as my lawn ornaments. They are very low maintenance and are funny to watch. Llamas are great protectors against coyotes and other predators. My Blue Heelers would love to herd them”¦ however, since the llamas could easily hurt — if not kill them, the dogs cannot go into the pasture anymore.”

“They are extremely curious and not much gets by them!” Tracy exclaimed. “Any time I am working in the yard or if I have something delivered, they walk over as close as possible to check out what is going on. An interesting fact that I never knew, is that when llamas get very alarmed they make a noise that sounds like the noise you associate with the screeching from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Wow!”

“I never thought we would have any crias (baby llamas), because apparently llamas have a hard time making it to term — my vet said. I was fine with that,” Tracy continued. “Bernard (white hair), Lilly (red hair) and Misty (black hair) were all that I needed. Well”¦to my surprise, when I went to feed the llamas on the coldest day of the year in our area (January 16 — the snow day), I found a cria in my barn.” She confessed, “I HAD NO IDEA ANYBODY WAS PREGNANT. That sounds ridiculous”¦but it’s true. My vet assured me that nature will take its course and everything should be okay. So now, I have a chocolate brown baby llama with blue eyes. I am trying to think of a name for this little boy.”

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