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April 16, 2021

(Michigan City, IN) On Friday, April 16, eight Holladay associates arrived at St. Stan’s in Michigan City, IN to enrich the lives of students and churchgoers by helping with spring cleanup of the church property. The group was tasked with taking down, breaking up, and cleaning up a dead tree in front of the building and cleaning up winter debris in the church parking lot. The group spent four hours at the site and made some great improvements that the congregation, staff, and students of St. Stan’s are sure to appreciate.

The volunteers included:

  • Lydia Amado, HCG Project Coordinator (Portage, IN)
  • Scott Brown, HCG VP (LaGrange, IL)
  • Austin Carlos, HCG Project Engineer (LaGrange, IN)
  • Mike O’Connor, VP-Development & Leasing (Portage, IN)
  • Laura Small, Project Architect (Portage, IN)
  • Nick Sebert, HCG Project Manager (Portage, IN)
  • Jessica Vargas, Project Architect (Portage, IN)
  • Amanda Watson, Marketing Director (Portage, IN)

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