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Architecture and
Design Services

Beyond Beautiful.

Holladay Properties provides Architecture and Design Services aimed at building a distinctive image for your business, while ensuring your building is functional and as efficient as possible.

We understand the delicate balance between following a dream and meeting the bottom line. Whether it’s the design of a 40,000 square foot corporate headquarters or a 1,500 square foot warehouse support office, our team of architecture and design professionals will work with you to design an environment perfectly suited to your needs and budget.

Our mission is to utilize design excellence to create architecture that addresses the goals of our clients, embodies the beauty of materials and enhances the experience of the user.

Distinctively Different.

The Holladay Properties’ design team has numerous architectural awards and accreditations as well as individual degrees and certifications that set us apart from average designers. Our architects are licensed in Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee and have RID, AIA®, ASID and LEED® affiliations.

Holladay incorporated a “green” oriented design approach well before the movement became mainstream. Our approach to sustainable site design, building material selections, indoor environmental quality and energy efficient building systems was developed first-hand through our design team’s involvement in the design of hundreds of Holladay-owned buildings and properties.