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South Bend Animal Resource Center Benefits from Holladay Properties’ Volunteer Program

Holladay Volunteers at South Bend Animal Resource Center
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Holladay Properties recently partnered with the South Bend Animal Resource Center by volunteering to improve the facility for adoptable pets and visitors alike. 

23 Holladay associates spent two days and over 100 hours volunteering their time and talent to make the outdoor spaces usable. Holladay also donated materials for the project. The project featured:

  • 30 tons of pea gravel used to update all pet runs
  • 800 lbs. of lime used to treat all pet runs
  • Detailed cleaned and pruned the entire building
  • Over 30 dogs walked
  • 1 dog found his permanent home with the McFarland Family (The McFarland family includes two Holladay associates)

“This project was important because the outdoor space was unusable for the dogs.  If it rained, the pups would return very muddy creating more cleaning plus who wants to adopt a dog covered in mud? The space is now clean, sanitary, and safe for outdoor exercise for all the pups. This will benefit them in so many ways,” said Jackie Green, SVP of Property Management. 

Holladay Properties offers all employees 32 hours of paid volunteer time off each year as just one of many ways we live out our mission of ENRICHing lives through investment and service. 


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