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Spring is here€¦ FINALLY!!!

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Written by Dan Phair, VP-Development (Indianapolis, IN)

The landscaping crew here in Indianapolis has been spreading fresh mulch all around AmeriPlex the last couple of days, and some of the early blooming perennials are starting to show signs of life. It must be spring here in Indianapolis! It seems like it has been a long winter here with some Tenants moving on and some new Tenants moving in, creating for some tough challenges alongside some exciting opportunities.

With the snow now almost fully melted away, a bevy of activity here in Indianapolis has brought about some optimism for the next development chapter of AmeriPlex-Indianapolis. After a solid 2012 which saw construction of a build-to-suit for the Indiana Department of Revenue, new leases with Pattonair & Damar, and the construction of a speculative 800K World Connect building, 2013 seems to be setting up to carry on that same momentum. There have been active proposals and discussions regarding land sites and leases throughout AmeriPlex-Indianapolis, with a lot of those discussions being brought about because of business expansions and/or relocations of businesses to Indiana from elsewhere, a very good sign of things to come. Having land sites that are well set up with infrastructure and access has proven once again that location matters.

While nothing is guaranteed and hiccups can happen, I for one am embracing the fresh warm air and optimism that Spring has brought and look forward to seeing the dirt moving on the next development chapter here at AmeriPlex-Indianapolis.

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