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Nashville holds 2nd Annual Mini-Golf Tourney

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Written by Marcy Coffman, Executive Assistant/Office Manager (Nashville, TN)

On February 16, the Elm Hill Pike-Nashville office held the 2nd Annual Mini-Golf Tourney. The teambuilding activity began on January 12 when the teams were announced and given their tasks of 1) choosing a name, 2) designing the layout of their hole, and 3) creating a flag.

To foster camaraderie, the teams were predetermined to include personnel representing the various departments of the company thus giving them an opportunity to work with someone with whom they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance. Due to the office floorplan, it was decided that a 9-hole course would work best. Some of the holes were a straight shot, some had turns and required banking, and one was in the shape of a horseshoe. A limited amount of materials were available for construction and so any elaborate elements were at the team’s expense.

Tournament day included a half-hour to set up the course, a course walk to vote on ”˜Most Creative Design,’ lunch, and the tournament. The tournament was scored by team. Every team member present was required to participate by putting one hole. Balls, putters, and scorecards were provided.

No tiebreaker this year””“Blockheads” won tournament play with a score of 19. The ”˜Most Creative Hole Design’ went to “Top 5” (hole 5) for their musically themed hole. The sign on their guitar case reads “Unique Genius for Hire,” which ties into our company’s strengths based culture. On that note (pun intended), Team “Unique Geniuses 4 Goals” correlated the strengths into a winning football scene for their hole design. Cheryll Schroth brought up using strengths, and Chad DeRossett said that it could tie in with a sport that has goal. After a bit of brainstorming, the team came up with the football theme to connect using strengths to meet your goals. Each cheerleader is wearing a domain color (red, blue, gold, purple), the end zone is Holladay’s strengths sized by frequency in word art, and the “names” on the back of the football players’ jerseys are the five strengths that most relate to football lingo (adaptability, focus, competition, strategic, achiever).

Special thanks to Holladay for providing lunch and giving its employees the opportunity to have such fun team building events!

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