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Nashville hosts 2018 Vendor Appreciation Event

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(Nashville, TN) – In 2017, the Holladay Properties Nashville office created the Vendor Appreciation event to strengthen its relationships with service personnel who perform work on Holladay-owned and managed properties. The event was also established to thank key vendor employees for their individual work.

The 2018 Vendor Appreciation event was held on June 7 during a Nashville Sounds baseball game in a field suite. More than 40 key vendor employees and Holladay personnel attended.

“Thank you very much for inviting me to attend your event at the Sounds game. I greatly enjoyed the chance to meet your different team members,” said Douglas Bell, Principal Engineer, TTL Inc. “The seats were great, the food and drink was good, and the company was fun and engaging. Please know that I am sincerely grateful to have been part of such a fun night.”

Holladay Properties’ mission is being “Committed to Excellence in Service”. This doesn’t only mean serving our tenants, clients, and employees. With the Vendor Appreciation event, Holladay’s service excellence is extended to those who serve us.

Learn more about the first Vendor Appreciation event in our previous blog post: Appreciation.

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