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Property Management Solutions: A Job Well Done

Written by Sara Madson, Property Manager (Independence, MO)

As Centerpoint MOB in Independence, Missouri is well into its eleventh year, certain larger building components are requiring replacement assessment. Earlier this year, our building maintenance engineers discovered some issues with the second of two York chillers in the building. Upon further investigation, it became apparent that the compressor was beginning to fail, evidenced by metal shards showing up in the oil filter.

Since this is one of two chillers that service a 200,000+ square foot building, it was vital that the component be taken care of before summer began. With the invaluable guidance of Fred Scott, Director of Engineering-Midwest, we were able to apply for and receive capital funds to replace the compressor, costing just shy of $70,000.

David Lucas, our senior maintenance tech, and Jim Barnes, our newest addition to the team (pictured below), worked with P1 Group (an HVAC contractor) to schedule and replace the chiller on April 8. The damaged compressor was lifted through the penthouse of the building (see crane picture) and P1 installed and tested the new one.

Even though Missouri is known for erratic weather, including a freak snowstorm in May of 2014, we were grateful to have our second chiller up and running in plenty of time for the summer heat, and our 28 tenants will have adequate AC with no hiccups.

Great job, team Holladay!

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