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A ‘Listening’ Engagement

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Written by Samantha Abbott, Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager (Nashville, TN)

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry began her speech by apologizing for her hoarseness.  “My voice,” said Mayor Barry, “is still recovering from cheering on our Nashville Predators.”

On June 13, Jayme Baldwin, COI Coordinator, George Livingston, Contract Coordinator, and I attended a luncheon at the Music City Center that was hosted by the Pinnacle Forum where Mayor Barry addressed the crowd.  Mayor Barry mentioned Nashville recently being in the National spotlight, mainly because of the 70,000 visitors to the city during the Stanley Cup Finals and CMA Music Festival.

“The reports were praising us for our hospitality and for the safe feeling visitors experienced while in our home,” Mayor Barry said.

Mayor Barry then addressed growth, development, and plans for transit solutions, which were the talking points that our team members were there to hear.  The Mayor mentioned the growth in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville, with the most recent announcement of a new IKEA as well as the presence of HCA, Bridgestone, and Asurion; she discussed the plans for new roads and infrastructure out towards that area. She proudly announced the city’s vitals over the last year with the most memorable being that the tax rate is at its lowest in 50 years; Nashville is #2 MSA in job growth at 3.5% and lowest in unemployment at 2.7%.

I felt a sense of pride as Mayor Barry discussed the Donelson project, which Holladay is involved with, and the Mayor actually mentioned Holladay in her speech. Mayor Barry transitioned into the discussion on transit solutions with the Music City Circuit, the light rail, and the recently passed Improve Act that allows a referendum for transit. The Donelson project is located at the first stop on the commuter train east of Nashville; Donelson is the city’s oldest suburb.

Overall, the Mayor left me feeling proud of my city and excited for its future. Attending events such as this allows for the opportunity to learn about new areas of growth and development that we wouldn’t otherwise hear about, which complements Holladay’s business development initiative.

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