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April 8 – 12 is Tenant/Client Appreciation Week

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Written by John Phair, President & CEO

Holladay Properties is a service provider! In my opinion, we are a very good one, and we are always looking to expand those services to new clients. Finding new clients is challenging and fun, but time consuming. 

While finding those new clients is very important, it can divert our attention from our regular, existing customers. The current clients are the ones who pay our bills by paying their rent month after month! They are our best sales people since, as long as we continue to provide them with excellent service, they will assist us with attracting new clients through good old word of mouth.

Though we know how important our clients/tenants are, we can take them for granted, and we should never do that. I believe I am really guilty of that myself, and I am willing to bet we all are, in one way or another.

To remind us that our tenants, important vendors and other clients are our keys to long term success, I am declaring the week of April 8, 2019 “Client Appreciation Week.”

What does that mean?

It will be a little different in each part of the company. It will be up to each manager and partner and their teams to decide what is best. But let’s start here:

  1. Personal Contacts. Personal Contacts. Personal Contacts! That will be our theme. Step away from the electronics and call people instead of emailing or texting. Better yet, if appropriate, go see your clients, vendors, etc., even if it is only to say “thanks for your business.”
  2. Schedule time for those contacts and putt it on your calendar.
  3. Involve everyone in your area. We are all salespeople and need to say thanks for your business/service — you are the key to Holladay’s success!
  4. Get creative. Let our customers know we really do appreciate them!

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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