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Featured Charity: Boys & Girls Club

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Recognizing Our People in the Community: Austin Haynes

(Richmond, VA) – Holladay Properties has been a supporter of the Boys & Girls Club for many years and we are delighted to announce that Austin Haynes, SVP-Development for our Eastern Region headquartered neared Richmond, VA is continuing a proud tradition of participating in the Great Big Kid Event. Austin will be spending four months mentoring a student from the Prince William Boys and Girls Club and doing his best to be crowned the Great Big Kid.

The Great Big Kid Event kicks off with a four-month commitment from local community leaders (“Great Big Kids”) to provide one-on-one mentoring to six pre-selected youth, and culminates with an impact awards dinner highlighting the success stories of the mentor/mentee partnerships. In addition to the mentoring, each Great Big Kid competitor is charged with fundraising for the Club.

Over the last 15 years, Austin has held various birthday charity events that have raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities. These 24 hour events have included a 20 mile swim, a 72 mile walk, and most recently 3000 pushups. The focus of his charitable work is geared to providing opportunities for children. But this year’s event has a special meaning for Austin.

“What folks don’t realize is what the Clubs mean to me. I grew up in downtown Baltimore and my Father passed away when I was 7. My Mom had 4 kids with myself being the oldest,” Haynes said. “She worked 2 full time jobs to try to support us, so I ended up having to help care for my siblings. The local Club was a safe haven for me as well as my brothers and sister. At the Club, I did not feel poor. I did not feel ostracized because my clothes were threadbare. When there was not enough food at home, I knew I could get something to eat there. Eventually when I went into Foster Care, it was at a local Club where the Social Worker would allow visits with my Mother.”

Austin will be joining a prestigious group Holladay leaders including Manette Tepe, Paul Phair, and John Phair in participating in the Great Big Kid event. 

“I am a proud alumnus of the Clubs,” said Haynes. “I believe in what they do and am proud to support them.”

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