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Featured Charity: George T. Goodwin Community Center

Recognizing Our People in the Community: Chris Wilkes

(Indianapolis, IN) – Chris Wilkes is the partner in charge of development at Holladay Properties’ Indianapolis location. Chris is involved in several community organizations and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the George T. Goodwin Community Center.

Each year, the George T. Goodwin Community Center touches the lives of more than 800 families, individuals, seniors, and children in the Mars Hill and Decatur Township area. From working families struggling to make ends meet, to senior citizens seeking companionship and ways to stay healthy, the Goodwin Center connects neighbors and families with the resources that promote independence and life-long growth.

The George T. Goodwin Community Center offers a wide variety of social services for the community as well as a range of other services specifically designed for children and senior citizens. The Goodwin Center’s programs and services include: food pantry, clothing bank, lending library, Silver Eagles, Head Start, Benefit Bank, and several educational classes.

The Food Pantry, Clothing Bank, and Lending Library make food, clothing, and books, music and movies available to families in the area. These services are made possible by donations from the community, local businesses and community groups. Clothing and media donations can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Goodwin Center. For questions about the Food Pantry or to donate, contact

The Silver Eagles Club offers daily activities to help seniors stay healthy and active. Each weekend between 9 AM and 4 PM, seniors can participate in an array of activities, including education programming, socialization activities, field trips, a lunch program, and volunteer opportunities. The Goodwin Center also offers resources including access to social workers, food, health insurance, transportation, and emergency housing assistance. Wellness activities include exercise classes, nutrition and healthy meal preparation classes, and Wii games and tournaments, which all take place at the Goodwin Center.
Family Development Services holds full-day Head Start classes at the Goodwin Center.The program served more than 2,500 children, infants, and pregnant women last year. The services are designed to nourish early childhood development and foster long-term learning and social skills. To register or for more information, visit
Volunteers at the Goodwin Center help people apply for state and federal benefits as well as file taxes and register to vote via the Benefit Bank web-based service. The Benefit Bank volunteers ease the confusing, intimidating and time-consuming application processes to help individuals and families secure the funds and services to which they’re entitled. Contact the Goodwin Center at 317.247.5201 for more information or visit

In addition, the Goodwin Center plays host to a variety of educational programs, including off-site learning for Decatur Central High School students (Exceptional Learners), as well as arts, fitness, and computer classes. For more information about the Exceptional Learners Program, please contact Linda Watkins, Director of Exceptional Learners for the MSD of Decatur Township. Office: 317.856.5265 ext. 11108. Email:

To find out more about the George T. Goodwin Community Center or to donate to the program, visit You can also learn more by visiting the Goodwin Center’s Facebook page.

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