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April 21, 2017

(Nashville, TN) – On April 21, the Holladay in the Community team arrived with their sleeves rolled up and smiles on their faces ready to assist the Second Harvest Food Bank. With this being the first event that took our team into the community, it was great to have our nineteen (19) volunteers wearing new matching shirts!

“When we first arrived, we helped unload hundreds of cabbages and thousands of onions and sweet potatoes into smaller bags for individuals in need,” explained Candalee Kumar, Lease Administration Manager. “Carrie Jo [Carman, Lease Administrator] had extra fun unloading the cabbages by jumping in to get to those at the bottom of the box. After all of the vegetables were rationed out, everyone moved to different stations to pass out various foods to over 150 families.”

“We helped all walks of life from young mothers to the elderly. Those that were not at set stations to hand out food assisted the families with their boxes and bags of food to their cars and, in some cases, to the nearby housing high-rise.”  Candalee added, “The event was exciting and fulfilling and made everyone very pumped about events to come!”

JimMyra Boyd, Receptionist, stated “We worked together well as a team and had fun while helping people.”

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