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December 19, 2017

(South Bend, IN) – On Tuesday, December 19, as part of the 2017 Holladay Day of Service, volunteers from Holladay Properties and Holladay Construction Groups’ South Bend office hosted the annual Boys & Girls’ Club Christmas Party at LaSalle Elementary School. Sporting “ugly” Christmas sweaters, the volunteers entertained children from Kindergarten through 6th grade with a pizza party, carol singing, M&M’s bingo, marshmallow snowmen and gingerbread house building, and a Reindeer Relay.

The reindeer relay consisted of a series of 7 tasks that teams of 4 had to complete. The first team member had to spin around with their forehead against a wrapping paper roll, before putting an ornament on a spoon and delivering it to their team’s stocking, safely. The second team member was then tasked with wrapping a “gift” as fast as possible, then trying to unwrap it with mittens on. Next, the third team member had to put a balloon between their legs and “Penguin Waddle” to the “Santa Limbo” line, where they had to place the balloon under their shirt and limbo without their Santa belly touching the limbo ribbon. Finally, the fourth player, without using their hands, had to cook 3 candy canes, using 1 in their mouth.

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