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Holladay announces COVID-19 response

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Effective immediately, and until directed otherwise, all Holladay offices will be closed to the public. We believe this measure is necessary and it is intended to slow the spread and lessen the intensity of the outbreak.

Our teams will still be working and supporting our clients and customers and they will be available via phone and email. We believe measure this will help keep Holladay personnel well and optimize our effectiveness in performing our essential job duties.

Holladay’s goal is to minimize disruption to our business and our tenants/clients while protecting the health and safety of the general public, as well as help to slow the spread of the virus. In addition to closing our offices to the public, Holladay is implementing the following protocols:

  1. All associates who are sick or are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, are being asked to stay home. No one should come to work if they are sick.
  2. All non-essential business travel is suspended for the immediate future.
  3. All face to face meetings should be canceled and conference calls or online meetings should be utilized as needed.

Holladay is taking the Covid 19 pandemic seriously. We strongly believe in our core value of health and we believe we have the responsibility as community stewards to slow the spread of the virus.

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