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The Greatest Employees: Part I

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As Anne M. Mulcahy once put it, “Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.”

At Holladay Properties, we don’t just think — we KNOW — that we have some of the best employees anyone could ask for. In our new blog series “The Greatest Employees,” we hear from Holladay Properties staff about the coworkers that help make Holladay a great place to work.


“Shout out to Cara Pagels [Property Manager, Burlington Station Luxury Residences].  She’s doing a dynamite job pre-leasing Burlington Station and helping us grow our residential property management business in the Chicago market.  Cara approaches every situation she encounters with intelligence, positivity, and creativity.  We are very fortunate to have her on the Holladay bus!!”

–  Drew Mitchell, Vice President of Development (LaGrange, IL)

Cara Pagels [Residential Property Manager, Burlington Station Luxury Residences] works so hard!! She is (almost) singlehandedly opening a new construction building!! She is always a team player and wonderful to work with! Love Cara”

–  Ali Vogel, Assistant Property Manager – The Promenade at Founders Square (Portage, IN)


“Karen Tighe [Accountant] embodies the Holladay spirit with her length of time here (which is I think about 28 Years) Karen almost always has a smile. She is calm, even in the storm. She is very patient and willing to help. She has a tremendous memory of all that has gone on in her years here. She is a great researcher when problem solving. She works very hard (currently doing her regular work as well as being part of the Yardi implementation team).”

–  Nora Wiseman, Accountant (South Bend, IN)


“John Ledsinger was recently promoted to Lead Building Maintenance Engineer (Nashville, TN-Centennial). John joined Holladay in September 2017 as an Engineer at the Centennial property and spent the last few months as a Floating Building Maintenance Engineer providing service to various properties in the Nashville market. John was promoted due to his vast experience, exemplary performance in customer service, and true ownership of each project assigned.”

–  Greg Blakey, Director of Engineering (Nashville, TN)


“Kyle McFarland [Property Manager] deserves a major shout out due to his attention to the details and continuing to look for growth.  His ability to maximize profit and the staff he leads is nothing less than superior.  Great job Kyle!  Keep up the amazing work!”

–  Jackie Green, Partner and Vice President of Property Management (South Bend, IN)


“I would like to send a shout out to Jayme Baldwin [COI Analyst]! As a new employee, Jayme has gone above and beyond to assist me with all of my questions — no matter how big or small — or how often!   She not only responds to emails quickly, but doesn’t shy away from picking up the phone and calling so that she can answer my questions in great depth.   She constantly assures me that I can, and should, call as often as I feel the need.   Jayme is very knowledgeable and her willingness to be a team player is impressive!  She is the person I most look forward to meeting on my first visit to the Nashville office. A big shout out to a big stand out!!”

–  Jolene Butzke, Property Manager (Minneapolis, MN)


“The first person that comes to mind when I think of a Holladay employee who makes coming to work every day both a pleasure and a privilege is Michelle Lisle in Nashville’s AP department.  She is very thorough and her positive attitude and willingness to help make her a joy to work with.”

–  Patty Doss, Senior Property Manager (Prince Fredrick, MD)


“Kirsten Adams [Director of Property Management Midwest] is always pleasant, great listener, and very knowledgeable of the job from all views.  She goes above and beyond her job duties to make sure the deadline are met, even if it means she has to jump in and do multiple jobs to ensure that there are no delays.  I consider her to be a great asset to me, fellow co-workers, clients, and the company.”

–  Julie Malone, Senior Accounting Manager (Nashville, TN)


“Chris Urbanski [Financial Analyst — Property Management] embodies ServCo’s mission statement to bring a servants’ heart to work every day. Chris is always so helpful, and her team spirit is unsurpassed.”

–  Virdeen Near, Accountant (South Bend, IN)


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