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Getting to know them: Austin Haynes

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Preface from Austin Haynes, Eastern Region Sr. VP – Development; Article by Glenn Vickers originally appeared in Potomac Local News on July 30, 2013

“People don’t realize that I have COPD and exercise can make it hard for me to breathe, but if I don’t exercise then the condition will worsen. I began to seriously train for this year’s event on June 1. I try to keep in decent shape all year long on have done quite a few of these endurance type events in the past. This year, I hope to raise $5,500 with the push ups and another $1,000 with the car wash for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Each year the amount I raise varies, but with this year I think I will pass the $60,000 mark; my 20 mile swim on my 50th birthday raised almost $35,000.” – Austin Haynes

24-Hour Car Wash Latest in Series of Challenges for Austin Haynes

Potomac Local Leaders

No matter what professional sector you work in, community service is a occupation that all of us are qualified for.

As Principal Broker for Crossroads Realtors in Old Town Manassas and Sr. Vice President for Development for Holiday Properties Midwest, Austin Haynes list of civic work projects reads like a diverse portfolio of social good, including serving on the Board of Directors for CASA, Boy Scouts, and the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center.

In addition to being the At-Large Planning Commissioner for Prince William County, Haynes is passionate about giving back. For full disclosure — Austin served as Board President for the Prince William County/Manassas Boys & Girls Club, which is an outstanding community resource and charity.

Vickers: You have a record of being active in your community. But your commitment to youth has always been consistent in your work. Where did this passion to advocate for youth come from.

Haynes: I grew up in Foster Care after my Father passed away and my Mother was having various health issues. Lots of folks helped my family out when we were kids and this is my chance to do the same for others.

Vickers: Being in the real estate industry for years what advice would you give a young Austin about the industry and what would you tell today’s youth about today’s market?

Haynes: I would tell someone interested in our business to start out in a retail store position. You have to know you can work with people and you need to learn the basics of selling. Keep up your education as people want you be a professional in both knowledge and demeanor.

Vickers: In the social media feeds, we’ve seen your commitment to fitness. What’s your push up challenge about and have you done challenges like this before?

Haynes: Every year for my birthday, I try to do something unique. It all started with my 40th when I taught myself to type. Slowly it changed to athletic charity events. For my 50th, I swam 20 miles in one day and I have walked 70 miles in one day. I have done a push up/swimming combo before and this year wanted to focus just on the push ups. I will start on a pace to do 4,800 in 24 hours and see how I do. My real goal is for 3,000.

Vickers: I may join you with 30 push ups of my own, but you may have to keep that title by yourself. As part of your birthday challenge, you’re also running a 24 hour car wash for charity. How do you plan to cover 24 hours? Who’s covering the overnight shift?

Haynes: We have moved the car wash to August 2 due to availability of volunteers. I will finish the push ups at 6 a.m., nap for three hours and then work the last 21 hours of the car wash. Many of my agents are helping as well as friends such as [Manassas]Vice Mayor Harrover and Delegate [Jackson] Miller.

Vickers: If people or businesses want to help, how can they support you?

Haynes: They can donate by sending checks made out to Boys and Girls Clubs and mail it to: Crossroads Realtors 9216 Center St. Manassas, Va. 20110. They can also come by on August 2 to get their car washed.

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