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HCP holds 2019 management awards

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(Nashville, Tenn.) — The healthcare real estate investment company HCP, Inc., recently held its annual conference, where a number of Holladay staff members earned property management awards and special recognition.

For the second year in a row, the Holladay Properties medical office management team of Tracy Francis, Chad DeRossett, Matt Poncy and Brian Wilcox has earned the “Diamond Award Retention Leader.” The award recognizes, from within all of the providers of service to HCP, the operator that maintained the highest level of tenant retention year over year. The Holladay Properties Nashville team earned the award by achieving an 81% retention rate with 630,000 square feet renewed.

“This is a highly coveted award in that it achieves multiple benefits to the ownership related to refitting space and/or releasing vacated space,” said Kelly Manion, Sr. VP of Operations for Holladay Properties. “It also, at many levels, demonstrates a high level of tenant satisfaction in that the tenant stayed in place beyond an anticipated expiration date.”

The “Tenant Satisfaction Awards” include the Highest Resulting Score and Most Improved Score, and are presented to Property Managers based on results of the Kingsley Survey, an annual tenant satisfaction assessment. The awards are given in two categories, Small Building – properties of less than 125,000 square feet – and Large Building – properties that are larger than 125,000 square feet – and nine awards are given; two in the Small and one in the Large Building Category for a total of three Most Improved Score awards and three in both the Small and Large Building Categories for a total of six Highest Resulting Score awards.

The “Highest Resulting Score” awards are given to property managers who achieve the highest satisfaction score across the entire HCP portfolio. Three Holladay employees earned a Highest Resulting Score award:

  • Henry Rodriguez (Miami, FL) – Small Building Category
  • Catherine Hernandez (Miami, FL) – Small Building Category
  • Kelly Dillard (Orlando, FL) – Small Building Category

Two Holladay employees earned “Most Improved Score” awards. These awards are given to the property managers who have the highest year over year increase in score. The Holladay winners were:

  • Clarence Evans (Jackson, MS) – Small Building Category
  • Luciana Marcus (Nashville, TN) – Small Building Category

In addition to its leasing awards, HCP also presents “Outstanding Service Awards” to individuals that the company recognizes as going beyond the service expectations to achieve the highest results and performance in their respective discipline. Two Holladay Properties employees earned recognition this year:

”¢ Nikki Arnold (Nashville, TN) – Accounting
”¢ Julie Bandy (Nashville, TN) – Above And Beyond Recognition

HCP, Inc. is one of the Holladay medical management team’s largest clients and these awards represent a very high accomplishment for our company and our employees. The recognition also validates Holladay’s reputation of excellence in medical office building management.

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