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Holladay acquires Indianapolis school building

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(Indianapolis, IN) – Holladay Properties is excited to announce that it continues to expand its investment in Downtown Indianapolis with the acquisition of a 21,000 square foot office multi-tenant office building in downtown Indianapolis, located at 748 E. Bates St.

Originally home to Thomas Jefferson School #7 and a part of the Indianapolis Public School System, the +100-year-old building now serves as modern office space while maintaining touches of the historic charm that comes from being a former schoolhouse. The facility has office suites ranging from 1,000 to 3,800 square feet and has limited availability today.

Holladay has plans in 2019 to invest in updating some of the common area and suite spaces, while still preserving the historic fabric of the building. The building sits within an area southeast of Downtown Indianapolis that has been expanding with the addition of new apartment, residential, and office spaces. More growth is expected along a College Avenue corridor street to the west of the property, which connects the downtown retail and arts districts of Mass Avenue and Virginia Avenue.

For building leasing and availability information, contact Daniel A. Phair.

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