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Nashville unveils ‘Holladay Facility Services’

(Nashville, TN) – Holladay Properties Nashville office has begun offering high quality maintenance services, including corrective and preventative programs, through an entity called Holladay Facility Services (HFS). HFS services are specifically tailored to third party building owners and is an initiative began by Kelly Manion, SVP-Operations (Nashville, TN).

“This ground up effort has been challenging on many fronts, but the pieces are beginning to come together,” Manion said. “Our emerging maintenance services platform now has four independent medically oriented clients and a building list of 10 facilities that we are providing service, in addition we are also serving Holladay owned assets in the Nashville market.”

The HFS team is currently comprised of Greg Blakey, Robert O’Dell, and George Livingston, each providing critical function efforts including building assessment and service needs, daily work order and preventative maintenance, and planning and scheduling all jobs as needed to satisfy clients. In addition to the team, HFS has engaged PMware, a proprietary software package developed by Altaire, to track and schedule jobs. The platform portal allows both HFS operators and the served clients
to load and fully track all work order activity.

The HFS efforts in Nashville will be used to facilitate implementing the program in other Holladay service areas, including several Florida markets and Kansas City. Holladay hopes to continue to grow and the HFS brand in a new business development initiative.

“I believe we have an excellent opportunity to build upon this service line and I look forward to working with all HP team members in growing our business,” Manion said.

For more information, or to find out if HFS services are offered in your area, contact Kelly Manion at 615-312-4652.

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