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Company mission, vision and values unveiled

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Tim Healy, Holladay Properties’ President & CEO, recently met with Beth Ireland, a writer from GreatNews.Life, to discuss Holladay Properties’ new mission statement, vision statement, and list of values. 

By Beth Ireland

Only the most tenacious, nimble companies can say they’ve been around for 100 years. Holladay Properties is looking toward the future and planning to be one of those companies. 

In 1952, Wallace Holladay began his business in the Washington, D.C. area and in 1999, Holladay Properties branched off under the leadership of John Phair. Since then, Holladay Properties has added offices throughout Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and beyond.

With such dynamic growth, the leaders at Holladay Properties recognized the opportunity to set down a new mission, clearly define their core values, and ready themselves for the next few decades so that by 2052, they can attain their vision of celebrating 100 years of business.

“We’ve been growing substantially over the years and we stepped back to think about why we’re doing what we do, how we’re doing it and how we could do it better, and where are we going,” said Tim Healy, who became President and CEO of Holladay Properties this year. “We already had an amazing culture built around the leadership of John Phair, but we knew that to continue to thrive, we needed a defined Mission, Vision and Values.”

After pulling together a committee made up of associates throughout the company, the team at Holladay began discussing what it is that makes them a great company, as well as what they want to be known for. It all  culminated with a new mission statement: Enriching lives through investment and service. 

“Collectively, we agreed that we want to be a purposeful organization. We wanted to be more than just a profit-oriented organization””we want to make a difference,” Healy said. “We make big investments in our communities. We’ve enriched communities by creating jobs, economic development, increasing the tax base, and much more.”

The Holladay team took the word “enrich” and used it as an acronym to detail out their core values: Entrepreneurial, Nurture, Respect, Integrity, Community, and Health. These six words encapsulate all that Holladay Properties wants to be known for. Continue reading…

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