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Restructuring and promotions announced in Nashville

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(Nashville, TN) – During the first quarter, Holladay Properties’ Nashville (HPN) office restructured certain positions and responsibilities with the intent to align strategic priorities with individuals’ talents and passions.

The changes include:

  • Kirsten Adams was promoted to SVP of Property Management and is now a member of the Senior Leadership Team. She will be responsible for the delivery of property management services with all Directors of Property Management now reporting to her.
  • Kelly Manion will be focused on current engineering services, expanding third-party engineering clients, and representing HPN’s Montecito property management services. His new title is SVP – Operations.
  • Ken Whitaker is now SVP – Healthcare, Capital Management and will be focused on HPN’s current construction management services, and expanding healthcare development clients.
  • Cheryll Schroth was promoted to Operations Support Manager and will be working to expand HPN’s abilities to support property management, engineering, and construction management. This promotion resulted from the integration of Nashville’s CER administration with our Quality Assurance and Compliance team.
  • Samantha Abbott has been promoted to Director of Business Processes. She will be championing the continual refinement of HPN’s business processes, expanding our operational analysis, and helping to improve market data.
  • Tiffany Coursey was promoted to SVP of Human Resources for HPN. She has made a positive impact on the organization and this promotion recognizes the leadership she has already delivered.

The HPN team is excited for these changes and is proud to support these individuals as they seize the opportunity to move HPN forward.

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