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Our role in economic development

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By John Phair, President & CEO (South Bend, IN)
Originally published July 31, 2012

Economic development activity is an integral part of our development business — and, to an extent, our management and construction businesses. As such, it is extremely important for our company and our people to take a part of this process.

I have the advantage of regular travel to each of our key offices – all are located in very different markets. All of our partners are active in one or more local or national organizations dedicated to economic and professional development, as are many other people throughout our offices. For instance, in our NW Indiana office, we have been active in the Merrillville Chamber of Commerce (now merged with the Crown Point Chamber of Commerce and known as the Crossroads Area Chamber of Commerce), the Portage Economic Development Corporation (Portage EDC) and the Northwest Indiana Forum, a regional economic group based in Portage, IN.  We interact regularly with the Indiana Port Authority, the regional director of the IEDC (Indiana Economic Development Authority), the RDA, Toll Road Authority, etc. In most cases, we, Holladay employees, are Board members and play an active role in regional economic development activity. We also currently have at least two employees who are elected officials or appointed planning board members in their communities. We are active.  It is in our DNA.

Why take an active role?

Because this is our life-blood. New activity serves our purposes, allowing us to develop new projects which, we believe, improve and support the communities in which we live and work. We are proud of every development project in our portfolio and most of our larger business parks have won many planning and environmental awards. (See list below.) We take pride in our design talents and experience. Yet we are often controversial. Not everyone buys into our growth stories.

New development can be looked at in many ways. It is often perceived as being ”insensitive” to neighbors or neighboring uses, we all have a little NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) in us. We know that change is hard for many to accept and we make every effort to minimize that opposition by communicating with our neighbors and building quality products that are made to last. Nothing makes me prouder than to walk a new construction site and see bustling activity; or wander through an office, medical or industrial building that is clean, comfortable and busy — and professionally managed — especially when we were a part of the original creation or rehabilitation.

 Planning and Environmental Development Awards

  • “New Construction Award” — Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce — The Promenade at Founders Square (2018)
  • “Business Investment Award” – Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City (2018)
  • “Putting Portage on the Map” – Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce (2016)
  • “Renovation Award – Country Inn & Suites at the Port” – Carlson (2016)
  • “New Development Design Award – Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport” – InterContinental Hotels Group (2015)
  • “Developer of the Year” — NAIOP – Indiana (2014)
  • “Industrial Development of the Year” — NAIOP, Nashville Chapter — AmeriPlex at Elm Hill (2012)
  • “New Construction Award” — Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce — The Clybourn (Graycor) Building (2011)
  • “New Construction Award” — Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce — The Clark Building (2009)
  • “Certified Wildlife Friendly Habitat” — Indiana Wildlife Federation – AmeriPlex at the Port (2010), AmeriPlex-Indianapolis (2008).
  •  “Award of Distinction” — Merrillville Chamber of Commerce — AmeriPlex at the Crossroads (2007)
  • “Certified Technology Park” — Indiana Economic Development Corporation – AmeriPlex at the Crossroads (2006)
  • “Concrete Achievement Award” — IRMCA — The Fullerton Building (2003)
  • “Community Improvement Award” — Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce — The Dearborn Building (2002)
  • “Community Improvement Award” — Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce — The McCormick Building (2001)

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