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Perseverance results in savings

Written by Michael Hancock, IT Administrator (Nashville, TN)

It all started after our project with MetTel went awry. When we were going back to Verizon, I was still shopping around for other competitors’ business cellphone pricing. Others had components such as unlimited data, but not necessarily the nationwide reception that Holladay had grown accustomed to with Verizon. After finally getting everyone back onto the Verizon network, I went in and spoke with our Nashville business representative Matthew Gabel.

I discussed with Matt why Holladay was initially going to leave Verizon due to what MetTel was promising, and told him we did not want to leave Verizon, but what MetTel offered was too good to pass up. We went over what I was looking for: nationwide coverage, an unlimited plan (which covered data, data messaging, minutes, texts, and hotspot), while being reasonably priced. In the past, Verizon had offered this, but only for 4 lines on an entire account.

We looked over the employees who use the most data and locations, and luckily Verizon was beginning to roll out a new opportunity for an unlimited business plan. Matt said Holladay qualifies because of our long relationship (15+ years) with them.

The plan itself only costs $45 dollars per line a month across the board, which, in our case, a line was costing $65-120 a month depending on the device. I realized this would be a huge savings for Holladay! The total for all of the lines moving to the new unlimited plan will be $5,085 monthly plus tax. That’s compared to last month’s bill at $8,200 after tax. And so, in actuality, in an entire year, Holladay will be saving about $37,400 (before taxes). Because a portion of the bills is allocated to certain clients, these savings will be shared with them, too.

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