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Tenant satisfaction €“ it€™s the little things that count

By Tina Kempa, former Holladay associate

One of my tenants has a daughter who is deaf.  Another has a daughter who is in Dental school.  One lives in the same general vicinity and has the same treacherous daily commute as me, and yet another lives in the city and doesn’t have a car.  I have a tenant that is a TJ Maxinista, and another who just had her first child; one more who is facing retirement, while another is considering expansion.

A property manager is faced with many continuously changing and evolving tasks throughout the day.  It is easy to be tied to the desk and bogged down with paperwork, but Holladay Properties encourages PM’s to get out and about in our buildings and get to know our tenants.  Why is that?  Because tenant satisfaction is a high priority to Holladay Properties’ partners and management.  Through regular, genuine interaction with tenants, we become more aware of their priorities and their needs.  This knowledge is the foundation we use to make property decisions that create a symbiotic relationship between management and tenants.

In this day and age, consumers often complain that good customer service is a thing of the past.  Holladay Properties strives to offer top notch customer service to our tenants by providing well trained, highly skilled, customer oriented staff to manage and service our buildings.  Our service team is trained to respond quickly to tenant needs and concerns and our management regularly meets with tenants to address things that may never come up without a genuine inquiry.

I was recently reminded how far a box of donuts can go in smoothing ruffled feathers by offering a personal touch that is so often missing in the corporate building management arena.  A smile, saying hello in the hallway and regular visits (sometimes bearing gifts) are small yet highly significant ways we at Holladay strive to make our properties welcome, interactive communities.

If you are a current tenant in one of our buildings, we want you to know how much your tenancy means to us.  If you are considering a move to one of our properties, we want to welcome you to our community of friends and colleagues.  You can bet that in the near future one of us will be stopping by to share a cup of coffee and see how you are doing and what’s new in your business and your life.

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