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Thankful for… April 2020

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What we’re thankful for during COVID-19

Each year at Thanksgiving, we ask Holladay associates to share what they are thankful for that year. With the current crisis overwhelming the country, we thought it would be nice to take a break from all of the doom and gloom talk, and focus on something positive.

So, we asked our associates to tell us what they’re thankful for right now and we compiled their answers in this special edition of our “Thankful for…” blog series.

We hope you enjoy reading their responses, and that we help spread a bit of hope and positivity to all of you.

Pamela Bennett, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager (Ashland, VA)

“I am very thankful that I am blessed with peace, knowing that the Lord has this well in hand and that we just need to stay faithful.”

Tim Healy, President & CEO

“I am thankful to all the associates of Holladay for the extraordinary effort and commitment you have made the past several weeks to serve our Community – both internally and externally. The world really seem to change for us about 4 weeks ago”¦ It seems so much longer. I am so proud of our response and the rallying effort from so many of you to put us in the best possible position for survival. We will survive.”

Terri Helm, Assistant Property Manager (Independence, MO)

“When I start to feel down, I pinch myself and am so very thankful I have a roof over my head and my health. It sounds so cliché, but so very true. I have only been with Holladay for a bit over a month, so when I got a call from [HR recently], my heart sank, thinking there was only one reason HR would contact me… She told me [Holladay was] able to waive the 90-day waiting period and offer insurance effective immediately. So, I am thankful to Holladay and pray to God I only need the insurance for well checks down the road. 

On a lighter note, I am thankful to my barre class for going virtual immediately, and to my cat for continuing to wake me at 5:30 AM so I can start a productive day. I have wonderful family and a perfect man in my life”¦Yes, I miss my life as I knew it, but this sure makes you examine what you need vs what you want.”

Catherine Hernandez, Senior Property Manager (Miami, FL)

“I am so thankful for my children, family, friends and Holladay family. Without sincere support and unity of all, we could not prevail!”

David Holt, SVP – Development & Community Affairs (Indianapolis, IN)

“[I am] thankful that my family is healthy and safe and that we work for a company that is working to keep employees employed and working during these tough times.”

Drew Michell, VP – Development (LaGrange, IL)

“I am thankful for sunny days.”

Lauren Quiett, Project Designer (South Bend, IN)

“I am thankful for… A husband that understands that it takes a ”˜team of parents’ to both work at home while playing and educating our children throughout the day. Toddlers and teenagers are not easy.

I am thankful for”¦ Yoga headbands to hide the awful color roots in my hair.

I am thankful for”¦ A boss that understands the balance and the challenge of being a working mother and a stay at home mother.

I am thankful for”¦ Playgrounds, trampolines, and basketball courts in our backyard for everyone to be able to get out and enjoy!

I am thankful for”¦ A priest that has helped guide, inspire, and bring peace to a time that can be frustrating and scary. I am thankful for PRAYER!”

Abe Suarez, Building Maintenance Engineer (Orlando, FL)

“Thank God for my family and my job.”

Doug Walls, Landscaping Supervisor (Portage, IN)

“I am thankful that my boys and wife have stayed strong through these trying time; that my wife has continued to work; for all my Holladay Family (especially Portage Landscaping) for staying positive, and getting back to work soon.”

Amanda Watson, Marketing Director (Portage, IN)

“I am thankful for the technology that allows us to work and connect with others from home, so we can stay healthy and productive and still maintain the social interactions that we all crave. I am thankful that my spring flowers and trees are starting to bloom, for days when I can open my doors and windows and enjoy the fresh air indoors, and how those simple things improve my mood.”

Christine Wisneski, Accountant – Mid-South Development (Nashville, TN)

“I am thankful for:

  • My job.
  • My coworkers who have continuously gone out of their way and have spent time on helping me learn in a difficult time.
  • My family, especially the grand-kids who were on a sugar rush on Easter and made FaceTiming that much more fun. 
  • My adult children, I think they worry about me more than themselves. I am truly a lucky mom with such love.
  • My sister, in the face of adversity dealing with cancer coming back again at this time, continues to show that no matter how bad life seems, that being alive means living everyday to the fullest no matter what the circumstances.
  • Love, Peace and Hope.”

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