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What legacy will you leave at Holladay?

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By Maureen Johnson, HR Director (South Bend, IN)

As Holladay celebrates its 60th year in existence in 2012, several things came to mind which I thought I’d share in this blog. In an unpredictable field like real estate, how is it that Holladay has lasted this long? And what will keep us going for another 60 years? As I thought about those two questions, the answer to both questions came to me immediately. We are still in business because of our leaders and the employees they inspire to lead. It will be these people that keep Holladay operating for another 60 years.

But these are not ordinary leaders or ordinary employees. Our leaders and employees are risk takers and innovators. Some come in before 8 a.m. and leave after 5 p.m. and, at times, you can see them here on weekends. They know how to think “outside” the box to continue to make Holladay a viable company now and prepare our foundation so it still stands for many years to come. They “own” their positions, no matter what they are. They embrace change, not fear it. And they are willing to do business as “unusual” instead of usual when the need arises. Our employees, who have been here from one week to over 25 years, are a mixture of baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials, all bringing something to the table, working together. It will be these employees that keep Holladay standing. Baby boomers knowing they can and are willing to learn something from other generations, and vice versa.

So, now, let me ask you a question. What kind of employee are you? As I was going through some of my HR information, I came across a quote — “Every new hire changes the organization”. So, when you entered the doors of Holladay, how did you change it? Did you change it for better or for worse? If you left Holladay today, how would people say you contributed to this company? Would they say you left it in better shape than you found it? Or would people say good riddance? Would people say you always tried to go out of your way to provide the best service possible or would they say you were a slacker? What will be your legacy?

When I look at the people that have been employed here a long time and still enjoy what they do, many are not in the same positions they were when they started; or if they are, they have greatly enhanced their roles. They’ve had to, because Holladay is different today than it was when it started in 1952. Times are different, technologies are different. In order for Holladay to grow, its people had to grow. It is those employees who are not flexible, not able to roll with the changes that have the hardest time adjusting, if they do at all.

2012 is fast coming to an end and it’s now time to look forward to a new year that will bring new challenges and new opportunities. What will you bring to the table? If each of us reflect back on this year and ask ourselves what processes can we do better next year, what new skills can we learn, how can we be better managers/employees, what bad habit can we break, etc. and commit to making those changes, Holladay will continue to grow as a company and will continue to exist long after we all retire. So, how about it? Let’s take Holladay to the next level in 2013! Will you join me?

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