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2018 BOMA MOB Conference Recap

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Written by Marcy Coffman, Executive Assistant/Office Manager (Nashville, TN)

Holladay Properties was well-represented at the healthcare real estate industry’s largest, most respected conference. Holladay team members attended the BOMA MOB Conference (Houston, TX) in early May to stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.

Today’s healthcare real estate is undergoing vast shifts, with new strategies needed to successfully navigate the many new demands, regulations and property designs. Medical property investors, developers and owners need expert insights into important trends and challenges in order to capitalize on the many new investment opportunities. To map a bright future, Holladay joined industry leaders and respected experts for the year’s most informative healthcare real estate conference to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.

In addition, Tracy Francis, Director of Brokerage Services-Tennessee, created the theme for the Holladay booth based on the popular TV game show, “Holladay Properties – where your properties are never in Jeopardy!” The game board attracted many Conference attendees; 1,000+ senior executives and professionals from all facets of the healthcare real estate sector attend the Conference.

Sample included:

“This real estate company’s construction department managed over $200 million in Tenant and Capital Improvements in the last 10 years.”

“The engineers in this firm integrated a new boiler system into the building management system that reduced gas usage by over 50%.”

“This company’s accounting department perform 1,700 CAM reconciliations a year.”

Of course, the response for all these questions is Who is Holladay Properties.

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