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Celebrating 2021 associate anniversaries

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It is with great pride that we honor 21 Holladay associates who have reached service milestones in 2021.

10 Year Milestones

Antonio Betancurt
Senior Building Engineer
(Miami, FL)
Eddie Campos
Building Engineer
(Fairfax, VA)
Clarence Evans
Property Manager
(Jackson, MS)
Phillip Knight
Building Engineer
(Jackson, MS)
Melissa Morin
Property Manager
West Jefferson Apartments                            
(Mishawaka, IN)
Kurt Palmer
Maintenance Tech
West Jefferson Apartments
(Mishawaka, IN)
Charles Rinehart
Maintenance Tech
(South Bend, IN)
Fred Scott
Director of Engineering
(Nashville, TN)
Christine Urbanski
Financial Analyst
(South Bend, IN)
Brian Wilcox
Director of Brokerage Services
(Winter Park, FL)
Joy Yoo
(Indianapolis, IN)

15 Year Milestones

Allen Arender
Partner, SVP-Development
(Nashville, TN)
Nelson Cabrera
Maintenance Tech.
(Reston, VA)
Tracy Francis
Director of Brokerage Services
(Nashville, TN)
Lance Malstaff
Holladay Construction Group
(South Bend, IN)
Scott Trueblood
President & CEO
Holladay Construction Group
(South Bend/Portage, IN)
Amanda Watson
Marketing Director
(Portage, IN)

20 Year Milestones

Paul Carr
Building Engineer
(Nashville, TN)
Stephen Henry
(South Bend, IN)
Cheryl Schroth
Operations Support Manager
(Nashville, TN)

25 Year Milestone

Manette Tepe
Partner, SVP-Development | Richmond Region
(South Bend, IN)

Also in recognition of their service milestones, each associate was asked what working for Holladay has meant to them. Here are the answers they shared…

Twenty Five years ago John Phair took a chance on hiring me during our first phone call. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but something just felt right. John and the rest of the Holladay family embraced me and allowed me to find my place in the company. I am ever so grateful for John taking a chance with me and providing the opportunities I’ve been given.

– Manette Tepe, Partner & SVP-Development (South Bend, IN) – celebrating 25 years

A place of employment that sparks passion and dedication is not easy to find, but Holladay Properties has done just that. After these short 20 years, I still feel the same drive for success and improvement that I experienced day one. Holladay has encouraged and helped to expand my skillset not only professionally, but with my personal life as well.

Another gift Holladay has provided me is the relationships I’ve developed with colleagues. I have a second family that shows me support, encouragement, and compassion. I’m grateful for everything and look forward to the years to come.

– Cheryll Schroth, Operations Support Manager (Nashville, TN) – celebrating 20 years

When I started as a summer intern, 16 years ago, I could have never anticipated the joy and growth that a career with Holladay could provide.  15 years later, as I reflect on the many projects I have been part of, it is very gratifying and memorable.  I have learned and created incredible memories through many current and past Holladay associates.  As I visit projects we have developed, or as we discuss projects I have encountered over the years, they provide great memories.  Not only memories of the efforts around the projects themselves, but of the stages of my life, family, and great Holladay friendships.  I look forward to another 15 years!

– Allen Arender, Partner & SVP-Development (Nashville, TN) – celebrating 15 years

Holladay is a great place to work, they care about and supports their associates. I feel valued and trusted to make the decisions that I must make in a maintenance position and conscious minded on time, cost, dates, completion and quality of taking care of the community.

– Kurt Palmer, Maintenance Tech – West Jefferson Apartments (Mishawaka, IN) – celebrating 10 years

Working for Holladay Properties has been a positive experience, they demonstrate a great sense of belonging and feeling part of a great team. Holladay has given me the opportunity to learn and grow professionally and for that I am grateful. I love the company’s culture and the clear mission and values that the company has demonstrate and looking forward to being part of that for many years.

– Melissa Morin, Property Manager – West Jefferson Apartments (Mishawaka, IN) – celebrating 10 years

I feel truly blessed to have been part of the Holladay family for 10 years! Holladay has fueled my entrepreneurial spirit, encouraged my personal and professional growth, and supported me at every turn . Our team at Holladay is the best in the industry and primed for great things in the near and long term future. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store!

– Brian Wilcox, Director of Brokerage Services (Winter Park, FL) – celebrating 10 years

It is hard to believe I have already spent 10 years with Holladay. I feel like yesterday was my first day of work; how time flies! My life with Holladay and its people has been so happy and joyful. There are so many reasons why Holladay has been such a blessing for me and how positively impactful it has been. I cannot describe all reasons, but here are couple of greatest ones.

Holladay has always has placed a great priority on employees personal wellness, such as health issues, family matters, individual achievements, and safety. Holladay has provided numerous fun and challenging projects, learning opportunities, and a healthy work environment. Holladay has an especially strong and supportive leadership which has brought a positive and encouraging atmosphere into the company. I’m truly thankful to Holladay for this amazing 10 years and thrilled for my future with Holladay.

 – Joy Yoo, Architect (Indianapolis, IN) – celebrating 10 years

With gratitude for their dedication, we congratulate these associates on their milestone work anniversaries!

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