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September 2019

(Nashville, TN) – Holladay Properties was invited to participate in Office Resources, Inc. GIVE + RECEIVE Second Annual Food Drive benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank. Although the food drive was held for only two weeks in September, Holladay employees donated the equivalent of 30 canvas bags of non-perishable items; most of which came from Paul Carr, Building Maintenance Engineer. Tara Mason, AP Specialist, and Read Talley, VP-Development, also made significant donations.

Holladay joined Office Resources, Inc. (ORI) to help make a difference in the lives of hungry Nashvillians. In their first year, ORI collected more the 1,140 pounds of food. This year, they expect to triple that amount. With the generosity of Paul, Tara, Read, and others, that expectation seems likely.

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