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Fun with a purpose

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Written by Kelly Manion, Senior Vice President-Property Management (Nashville, TN)

HCP, Inc. held their 5th Annual Putt Putt Tournament to benefit Alzheimer’s on August 24, and invited us to participate in the festivities. Four players from Holladay Properties (Jeff Ottman, EVP”Operations; Ewing Smith, Director of Property Management”TN; Fred Scott, Director of Engineering; and Kelly Manion, SVP Property Management) attended and joined a respective HCP employee playing 18 miniature golf styled holes, laid out across the entire HCP office.

Many of the holes were sponsored by specific teams with a variety of unique obstacles to avoid during a putt. The grandest hole of all incorporated a jungle theme with a large inflatable monkey and a Plunko”style ramp that was a challenge to first scale over and then roll down into the hole. We sponsored and designed a hole that incorporated a number of marketing pieces including Holladay logo water tumblers with LED flash light accents, logo coasters, and a small ramp that assisted the flight of the golf ball over a Holladay flag. The challenge of our hole, beyond the bling, was a sharp dogleg . Other holes included beach themes with real sand traps, pom”poms handmade by “the naughty knitters” hole sponsor, and an actual train set that surrounded the hole approach.

Holladay had an excellent showing with Kelly Manion and his HCP counterpart Michael Spruill coming in second place overall. We also made a sizable donation to the cause and were able to present a giant check created by Jayme Baldwin to the Alzheimer’s personnel. Facts and information were shared by the Alzheimer team related to this devastating disease that impacts thousands of Americans each day.

Holladay Properties is proud to have participated in such a worthy cause and like all others in attendance we have become much more aware of this very important cause. In the end, nearly $8,500 was raised during the event.

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