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Indianapolis Mayor visits AmeriPlex

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(Indianapolis, IN) – Our AmeriPlex development in Indianapolis was honored by a visit from Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and his team on Monday, April 22. Events of the day included lunch and presentation of the Torchbearer Award at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport hotel, a tour of AmeriPlex, and a special discussion with Ameriplex business leaders.

Mayor Hogsett and his team arrived at the Holiday Inn for lunch with Holladay Properties representatives John Phair, President & CEO (South Bend, IN), Chris Wilkes, SVP-Development (Indianapolis, IN), Dan Phair, SVP-Development (Indianapolis, IN), David Holt, SVP-Development & Community Affairs (Indianapolis, IN), Chase Smith, Developer (Indianapolis, IN) and Kyle McFarland, Property Manager (Indianapolis, IN); Shahet Hotels representatives, Greg Schahet, President, and Jeffrey Brown, Chief Operating Officer; and Zac Donofrio, General Manager of the Holiday Inn and his team. During lunch, the Holiday Inn team was presented with IHG’s Torchbearer Award, which represents hotels with the highest level of excellence.

After lunch, Holladay Properties’ representatives gave the Mayor and his team a shuttle tour of AmeriPlex. The Holladay team was excited to explain the history of AmeriPlex and all the development that has taken place at the business park over the past 25 years. 

The day ended back at the Holiday Inn, where business executives within AmeriPlex were given the opportunity to educate attendees about their facilities and industries at the park. Tim Mitchell, President & CEO of Sentry BioPharma; Matt Koscal, CAO of Republic Airlines; Robert Chavez, Partner of Fast Park; Darren Clark, Corporate Affairs at PepsiCo; and Greg Maurer, Partner of ArcaMed were invited to participate.

Holladay Properties was honored to coordinate the Mayor’s tour and be a part of this historic event celebrating Holladay’s 25 year history in Indianapolis.

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