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OWE = Growth

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Written by Jeff Ottman, Partner & EVP of Operations (Nashville, TN)

Often my mother told me that I was my own worst enemy. Usually, this was said after I had a lapse of common sense. With age, I recognize that people are often their own worst enemy.

It’s human nature.

We make bad decisions, accept things at face value, avoid difficult conversations, become inflexible, or mix household chemicals in the sink. “Yes, mother… I am aware that was not a good idea.”

Organizations can be their own worst enemies. We can over-complicate our work, allow communication to deteriorate, avoid crucial conversations, damage our internal relationships, overuse positional authority, or lessen our engagement.

Again, this is human nature… Except an organization’s lack of common sense becomes magnified.

During May’s leadership meeting, I discussed ”˜OWE’ topics (see image/chart) — those activities / policies / practices that were hurting us. The leadership team identified several topics. We divided into groups to further define them and present possible solutions. Following the meeting, we compiled about 30 different initiatives. This seems like a lot… and it is.

However, most are common sense solutions: enhance clarity; simplify the process; don’t mix random chemicals or change the performance expectation. Some initiatives will require real effort. The team is dividing and conquering these topics. They are empowered to assume ownership of them, build consensus around the solution, and drive them to completion.

I encourage you to ask the leadership team about their topics and discuss any that you may have. Our mission is to drive service to our employees, tenants, and clients.

Overcoming that which makes us our own worst enemy allows us to fulfill our mission and grow as individuals and as an organization.

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