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Caricatures for Character

At Holladay Properties, we believe it is important to cultivate the talents and strengths of our employees, and acknowledge how each individual’s contributions blend together to create a cohesive and productive work environment.

While the South Bend Property Management department has found success with the “Gung Ho!” method, over the past few years our Nashville, TN team and its management offices has been working with Relationship Architects Lori Weir and Shari Strong to bring focus to the employees’ “Talents2Strengths.”

Each month, Lori and Shari host classes for Holladay Properties’ Nashville division to encourage them to build upon their strengths, and employ them more efficiently. As Lori explains, these programs are “opportunities to fortify the way that we direct or aim our strengths at what we do and to take our decision-making to yet another level.”

“It has been unique to see how each person’s Top 5 Strengths fit into their personal life as well and their work life,” Jacqueline Fermin, Director of Property Management (2010-2019). “It has been inspiring to see how each of us balance each other. Some of us have a strength that another doesn’t have, and when we are frustrated we will reach out to one another and say, ‘Hey, can you give me some of your Relator or Achiever or Ideation?’ “

To celebrate her team’s progress and successes cultivated from participating in the Talents2Strengths programming, Jacqueline ordered pop-art of the Senior Leadership and GEO Team that help her to run the Florida region.

“Thank you for being you and for making the Holladay team one of the BEST teams to be a part of!” – Jacqueline Fermin

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