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Samantha Abbott earns CPBPM credential

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Holladay is pleased to recognize Samantha Abbott, Director of Business Process Management (Nashville, TN) for completing the Certificate in Business Process Management program and earning the Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM) credential from Villanova University. 

“I learned how to prioritize core business processes that will have the greatest impact on an organization’s key business objectives,” Abbott said. “I plan to use these new skills to move Holladay forward as a process-based organization that is data centric and customer focused.”

This program included three courses, which Abbott attended via zoom live lectures weekly over a six-month period. She also completed 18 essays, 13 exams, seven case studies, and two major projects during the program. This program also exposes participants to Villanova’s Lean Six Sigma, project management, Agile and business analysis concepts that tightly align with BPM. 

Samantha’s completion of this program is a wonderful example of her dedication and commitment to bringing a new level of skills to her role with Holladay. 

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