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Homes for Sale and the Spillover Effects in a Neighborhood

Written by Derek Naber, Project Developer (Indianapolis, IN)

Wow. Here we are entering the fall of 2016”¦ the last ten months have blown by! At Holladay, we are getting ever closer to bringing new development to Central Greens.

One development target we are focusing on is the creation of new, single-family, for-sale housing at Central Greens (as you can see in the Master Plan to the side – Section 7, outlined in red).

Here in Indianapolis, there is no clearer precedent of what for-sale housing can do to a neighborhood than the redevelopment of Fall Creek Place (shown in photo). In the 1980’s, the neighborhood was locally known as “Dodge City” (referring to the high violence in the area), but with strategic public/private investment, the neighborhood has turned around with a high quality mix of market-rate and affordable housing. The stabilization of the neighborhood has resulted in trickle down growth with the addition of new restaurants, new apartments, and other commercial development.

Bringing it back to Central Greens, we are excited to partner with Compendium Group and Nottingham Realty on the development of 16 single-family homes, 5 townhomes, and 1 duplex. It is anticipated that the development will break ground in the Spring of 2017!

We believe that for-sale housing will further complement the investment that has been made to-date.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in buying a house and visit the Central Greens website for more details!

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