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Keeping healthy the Holladay Way

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From the Holladay Health Corner

By Cassandra Sprigg, former associate

At Holladay Properties we take our health very seriously. In part, because we want our employees to have great quality of life, but also because we love our sweets. With the seemingly constant presence of delicious goodies around the office, many employees have adopted small practices to combat their toll on the waistline. Here are a few of the techniques our South Bend employees have chosen:


IT Assistant Amy Church uses a large exercise ball, as opposed to a traditional, ergonomic chair. It is believed that using the ball activates the muscles in the back and abdomen, increasing core strength and improving posture.


Multiple people at the office have upgraded to standing desks. This allows the user to lift their computer stations up, and comfortably use them while in a standing position. Many claim that using a standing desk helps to increase productivity and burn a few extra calories with minimal effort.


A South Bend office summer tradition, the Walking Club invites employees to spend the summer months walking designated multi-mile routes with their coworkers during their lunch hours. Participants are challenged to walk a minimum of 60 miles from the start of the program in May through its end in August. As an added incentive, monetary prizes are given to the club member who walks the most miles, and any club member who walks 5 miles over their previous year’s total. HR Director Maureen Johnson, sporting her “Train Hard” t-shirt after a long walk, is a big fan of and long-time participant in the Walking Club.

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